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Current Work

Current Work


in my exploration of clay, glaze and fire I seek to understand myself and the contradiction with in me, how I move, how I make, how I engage with the world. As a Non binary artist I am drawn to ceramics, a fragile yet strong  material; something that can last for centuries or broken at birth; its soft and malleable till its transformed to something hard and solid.

bent bodies

Bent Bodies

Artist Statement

Fall/Winter 2021

Clay is alive. It moves to my touch; it dances a sweet song that can be heard and felt. It is my mission to learn to listen to the breath of the cool mud that ripples through my hands. To uncover the secrets of the body that is pulled through my fingers. Glaze runs and dips finding the crevasses the clay has left behind, dressing the naked figures so they may be presented and owned.

It is in this clay that I find a voice of the bent figures. the peculiarly ones, the queer people I know and love. These vessels are different then the forms that decorate the traditional.

I guess it is in these forms that I claim my uniqueness. It is a reaching to claim my right to queer. To claim a different character than I am expected to be.  Yet I seek an invisibility in this. I am not forthright with every stranger, friend, or family member, I let them see me as they wish quietly hoping they will notice. In these bent bodies I play with the spectrum of traditional and abstract. Quietly building the clay walls till I find myself as whom I wish to be, no permission or blessing outside of my fingers and the restrain of this craft. In every vase I make may spirit run and sit quietly on someone’s shelf waiting to be seen in a whole new light.

Elephant of the ocean 09.jpg

is that a sea creature???

Is that a Sea Creature???

Artist Statement

Spring 2021

The ocean wave breaks along the shore - a contrast of land and water; a borderland separating two different worlds while creating a world of its own. My work plays with the binaries of coastlines. The full color of shimmering glaze to the smoothed surface of finely polished clay; the morphing of ideas of gender and mixed genitalia; an adoration and disregard of utilitarianism; the exploration of craft and art. I do not exist as a man or a woman. I am too masculine in feature to be feminine, yet my heart aches as I am defined as such in the eyes of others. I know I am something else. My quest in this work is to hold those gender ideals together and discover a sense of wholeness - as though I am reconfiguring understandings; coming to new intersections of identity and breaking them. It is in my ceramics that I explore this question and become something outside of this body.

I explore binaries through combining sculpture, tadelakting, high grit sanding, punching, hitting, drying, wetting, glazing, drilling, cutting, firing and throwing clay in unique configurations. A swarm of genitals reach out from the depths. A crack in the ceramic form reveals what was thought to be hidden within the porcelain walls. A worm protrudes from the peddles of a coral form. These sea creatures of genital clams and worms are a dark study of gender and utility, marrying the smooth form of thrown pot and raw clay sculpting.

The pursuit of making larger and more intricate pieces is at the core of developing my artistic vision. To be seen and yet have space for details to be hidden. Playing with the ideas of craving visibility and acceptance while fearing and needing a place to hide and become invisible to become small.