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Ceramics is an ancient study of Clay and fire, it is the transformation that takes place when the two meet, changing a form from mud to rock. An alchemy of minerals, time, temperature and imagination; creating the shapes, colors, textures and patterns of my work. A mixture of science, and art; ceramics engages both hemispheres of my mind; it is in this blending of the heart and the tangible that helps uncover the other.

Each piece is an invitation of art and function for flowers!



Scarsella's Flower.

1702 N Hempstead Turnpike, Laurel Hollow, NY 11791


In 2017 I started going to a small pottery studio in glen cove. Learning the basics and discovering the communal nature of ceramics. 

Upon moving to a commune in Missouri in 2018 I found an abandon pottery shed.  I was able to find an electrician to help fix the kiln and brought the studio back to life with the help of many Co's 

After three years of fumbling around I have developed a voice. I am on a continual quest to develop my craft and understanding of the complex mixture of science and art that is ceramics.

When returned to Long Island I started search for a place to set up my own studio. As I looked I helped Frank Olt at LIU post Pottery studio with daily choirs and would assist student in their process.

Now I have my studio is up running and ready for you to visit!

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